Withers Gallery Mystery photos

Legendary photojournalist Dr. Ernest C. Withers was one of the most prolific photographers to document the lives of African Americans in Memphis. Now, the Withers Collection is asking for your help to identify the people, places and events in some of Dr. Withers’ work! Here’s how you can help:

      1. Enjoy the images below! Click or tap one to enlarge and view as a slideshow. They’re great!
      2. If you recognize a person, place, event… ANY detail, scroll on down to the form!
      3. Select the image number and/or caption in the pop-down menu
      4. Tell us what you know! Include your name and email so we can follow up if we have to. Phone number is even better!
      5. Click “Submit.”
      6. Refresh the page and start over if you see more than one photo you can help with!

Thanks for pitching in!

Do you know any names of people in this photo? Do you recognize the location? Or maybe you remember what the event or occasion was. Are you IN this photo? Whatever it is, tell us here!